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2019/06/11 - 12:15
The memorial ceremony of the shrine defender martyr "Haj Shaban Nasiri" will be held in Hozeh Honari Hall – Tehran.
2019/06/09 - 15:27
The latest issue of Shahed Yaran monthly magazine published in the memory of "Abdullah Eskandari" with the title of "hidden sun of the shrine".
2019/06/08 - 10:09
Iranians on Tuesday are mourning the 30th anniversary of the demise of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini.
2019/06/08 - 10:20
On the occasion of the 30th death anniversary of the founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini (RA), a commemoration ceremony will be held today evening in his Mausoleum, southern Tehran.
2019/06/02 - 09:32
An interview with the brother of newly found martyr "Abbas Moazami Goodarzi";
You can find the meaning of wait from the family of unknown martyrs, and you will understand how they missed for their family members.
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2016/11/22 - 11:05
The first volume of the Atlas complex published with the title of "Khorramshahr Epic Atlas" by Mohsen Rashid in the Holy Defense Research and Documentary center.
2019/06/15 - 15:09
The book "Self – Development in the style of martyrs" published by the Hamaseh Yaran Publication.
2019/06/12 - 12:42
The latest issue of Shahed Yaran monthly magazine published in the memory of "Abdullah Eskandari" with the title of "hidden sun of the shrine".
2019/06/09 - 15:27
The book "Sun Smile" narrated the memory of Majid Asgari, the first teacher who was martyred in Syria as a shrine defender.
2019/05/19 - 14:06
161th issue of Youth Shahed monthly Magazine published by the effort of Shahed Magazine Group.
2019/05/19 - 11:45
The present research is analyzing the plays "have ever been fall in love Rojano?" and "three eternal days from the perspective of Issar, Martyrdom and Resistance which are written by Chista Yasrebi and Mohammad Ibrahimian.
2019/06/11 - 10:29
The present article with the title of "searching in the black fiction of the sacred defense" is known as a famous assumption in the fiction of the war.
2019/06/09 - 12:08
It lasted 4 months to start Tarigh al – Quds Operation after the Iraqi attack. The Iranian forces participated in different operations to move the Bathi forces back in the region.
2019/06/09 - 10:15
Most of the analyses in the field of the war literature are paid to the war effects directly.
2019/06/08 - 14:07
War is a kind of social phenomenon which takes place among two or more society.This social phenomenon has its own consequences like the other social phenomenon which can create positive,negative effects according to the places and time on the society
2019/05/28 - 10:32
After the "Kheibar operation", we were waiting for the helicopters to move us back. Martyr Norouzi was riding the motor cycle and controlled the forces and tried to move us back quickly.
2019/05/20 - 12:06
Before being captured by the Iraqi Baathist forces I had gone to the battlefields for several times. Once I decided to take my child who had just been born to the battlefields.
2019/05/19 - 14:49
Zeinab was a 14-year-old girl from Abadan city who had to move to Esfahan province due to homelessness. Two sisters and brothers of her were in the battlefields. Her father was an employee for Oil Company of Abadan city.
2019/05/19 - 14:36
Eventually after the conflicts, we pushed back the enemy and we captured many of them who were resisting.
2019/05/19 - 14:13
The flags were in the one side and the banners were in the other side. The black flags had been hanged to the trees and they indicated a sacrifice which had been considered as a myth in the history.
2019/04/17 - 16:28
Martyr "Majid Ramezan" was born in Shahr e Rey in 1956. He went to Shalamcheh region at the 5th Karbala operation and finally martyred in the operation.
2019/06/15 - 12:38
Sayyed Ali Husseini who was known as Amir Mohsen.He was born in Mashhad in 1955. He had learnt Holy Quran when he was child. He started the elementary level in 1962 at the Heravi School and finished the elementary levels in Mashhad in 1967.
2019/06/12 - 10:33
Ahmed Javidanpoor was the fourth child of the family. He was born in Birjand (city in Iran). He started to learn Holy Quran when he was child finally he could read it fluently after 2 years. He started his education in Birjand in 1966.
2019/06/11 - 11:40
Mohammad Ashtari was born in 1962 in a religious family. His mother was Akram Khoshrou. Mohammad Ashtari was known as Mohammad Naser.
2019/05/25 - 10:09
Majid Rahimi was born in Rahdaneh village in Naghadeh (name of a city) in western Azerbaijan province. His father's name was Mahmoud and his mother was Mokarameh Jafari.
2019/05/22 - 10:41